Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

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Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

Deliverable Length: 850-1,000 words

There are several efforts directed at teenagers that try to prevent them from using drugs. These efforts seem to have been met with mixed results. Assignment Guidelines
Address the following in a Word document that is 850-1,000 words in length:
What do you think are the most important risk factors associated with adolescent drug use?
From your own perspective, what have been the trends in adolescent drug use over the past decade?
Which drugs do you feel are most commonly used?
Do you think drug use has been increasing or decreasing?
What are 3 ways in which you would prevent adolescents from using drugs? Explain.
Have these approaches ever been successful? Explain.
What do you feel are the best methods for treating adolescents with drug problems? Why?
All sources must be referenced using APA style.

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