SWE 3643 Software Testing & Quality Assurance ASSIGNMENT

SWE 3643 Software Testing & Quality Assurance


The objective of this assignment is to reinforce your understanding of equivalence partitioning testing and the use of boundary values. To complete this assignment successfully you should have read the relevant material on Equivalence Partitioning Testing in Topic 4 notes and the text book.

Question 1 (80 points)
Define the equivalence partitions and give suitable test cases for the following:

a. Zip codes: Range from 00600 to 99950 inclusive.

b. States: AL (Alabama) to WY (Wyoming)

c. Last Name: One through fifteen characters (alphabetic, space and hyphen)

d. User ID: Eight characters, at least two of which are not alphabetic (numeric, special characters)

For full credit, you should give one test case for each equivalence partition defined by you, even if it is possible to cover more than one partitions in one test case. Your answer should be formatted using tables similar to the example shown below:

Input variable name: Social Security Number
Partition Type Partition description Test cases
Valid No. of characters =9 191672024
Invalid No. of characters<9
No. of characters>9 176039
Valid 001010001 <=value<=729999999 050899888
Invalid value <001010001
value >729999999 0010000001

Note: You are not required to write a complete test suite with test id, expect and actual outputs for this assignment – just the test input value is required.

Question 2 (20 points)
Consider the following table used for grading assignments.

Score in points Grade
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
60-69 D
59 and below F

Your task is to test a course assessment utility that uses the criteria given above. List the valid and invalid equivalent partitions and give the test cases for each. Your test cases are required to incorporate boundary value testing.

Submit a Word or PDF with your answers to the two questions above in the Assignment 3 drop box by the due date.

Grading rubric
Q1. 80 points = 4 ×20 points (10 for equivalence partitions + 10 for test cases)
Q2. 20 points = 1 point for each correctly identified valid and invalid partition; approx.
0.5 point for each correct test input for covering all partitions and boundary values.