Unit 2 Assignment Part 1 Essay

Unit 2 Assignment Part 1 More often than not, many people have faced problems trying to explain the difference that exists between interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary studies. One of the reasons, as noted by Richard Meeth in his article called, “Interdisciplinary studies: A matter of definition.” Is the confusing nature of the answers given when defining these terms. For instance, Richard states, “In spite of many efforts to define interdisciplinary studies, the answers continue to confuse more than satisfy (Meeth, 1978, pp. 10).”
Interdisciplinary learning occurs when an individual combines more than one academic field of study or disciplines. The students who undertake this type of study have the liberty of deciding to integrate disciplines, such as business and music, justice studies, and communication. One of the unique features that individuals need to learn about interdisciplinary studies is that it uses multiple perspectives to solve problems, addressing current social issues, and answer many more questions. The interesting bit about this type of study is that students can deepen their learning experience by effectively applying the knowledge that they acquire from the numerous disciplines. In the event that a student is able to use the perspective of one discipline to the observe or view the other, the process is called cross disciplinary (Meeth, 1978, pp. 10).
For the students wanting to sharpen their problem solving skills and improve their education background, multidisciplinary studies is the best option. These students learn in an educational design that suits both their career and educational needs at the same time. It is imperative to note that the students undertaking this mode of study have to complete the core curriculum requirements of the institution they are learning at while at the same time finishing cohesive course set got from the 3 different disciplinary areas. As Meeth (1978) puts it, knowledge and ideas that a student acquires from the 3 disciplines is used to help solve a common issue or problem. A student is able to put more than 2 perspective in dealing with a common theme and question.
Part 2 One of the interdisciplinary that I have encountered in my education so far came when I learnt about learning to be human. The article written on the Atlantic by Sophie Gilbert interprets two disciplines, technology, and history in trying to determine when the study of humanities is on the decline.
According to Gilbert, technological advancements have made it hard for people studying history not to deeply understand history (Gilbert, 2016). Google, a technological advancement, has ready answers and thus an individual who uses it only gets to know the history part that he or she has searched using Google.
Being in the modern world, I got to learn about this interdisciplinary study online on The Atlantic Newspaper website. Regarding Gilbert’s piece, I believe it is a good example as it shows how the technology and history disciplines have combined to help answer deal with the problem of the decline in humanity learning in the institutions of higher learning.
The other interdisciplinary example that I have encountered came after watching Tesia Marshik’s clip on Ted Talk. In trying to tackle the issue of people having false beliefs in the styles that they use in learning, Tesia combines the education and philosophical disciplines. According to her, people tend to think that there are effective ways of learning, something that makes them have false beliefs (Marshik, 2016). To these people, the learning style that they use is the most effective, an assumption that has been proved as been not entirely true. The fact that Tesia combines the two disciplines in trying to tackle the issue of people having false belief regarding their style of learning clearly shows what interdisciplinary learning is all about.
Part 3 Reading Boyer’s article has been of great help to me as it has helped me get to realize some of the things that I did not know. For instance, I have been able to realize about how the study about life cycle is important (Boyer, 1995).
In the college course that I am currently undertaking, I have been able to realize that it does not stress about the life cycle. The way the syllabus is established, there is nowhere we are taught about how the body is interrelated with learning.
I think that understanding how the human body operates is helpful as it can help students understand the intellectual and emotional changes that come with learning. I have been able to learn that having a healthy and fit life is crucial for the learning process to take place.
However, I believe that with the help of the internet, I stand a good chance of learning ways of leading a healthy life and taking care of my body. The other thing that I have been able to learn from Boyer is that the integration of art in education is very helpful.
According to him, art can be termed as a universal language and thus a person can be able to understand others easily. It is important to note that the early involvement of art enables an individual to be in a good position to express him or herself before others (Boyer, 1995).
In the course of my learning, I have encountered problems of expressing myself in an area where there is a large crowd. It is after reading the article that I got to realize how much I failed to involve myself in any form of art.
A person who expresses him or herself more easily is able to learn new things. I have in the past encountered problems of not having the courage to ask questions before my fellow schoolmates.
With the information provided in Boyer’s article, I will engross myself in a particular form of art in order to help boost how I express myself. I am lucky that the school supports art and hence I will immense in one piece of art after school time.

Bill Carlson

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