University Art Museum, Organizational Theory and Design

While the last two directors from the museums inception have fully supported and enhanced the growth of the museum in catering a niche of art pieces donated by a wealthy investment banker alumnus, the third director in succession was definitely not the right one for the job according to the scholastic art board of directors. Even though the last museum director was that of a desired leadership quality, due to the fact that the design, the organizational purpose that the museum was supposed to serve, the desired directional strategy, and the goals associated with what the museum erector’s job description entailed was clearly undefined.And to make matters worse, the museum lacked a mission statement and official goals and standards. There are three main points as listed by “the elderly statesmen of the faculty” that I agree need to be addressed and clearly defined for the museum: its mission, its direction, and its objectives.

These are clearly the main problems in this case. Seeing that the current situation, the cause of these problems was brought on by the search committee and the college senate itself not identifying what he job of museum director really in tells.

They loved that museum as much if not more as the MASC.] bulldogs love Davis Wade Stadium. Even though it was not a financial burden on the university, the museum had become apart of the inner workings of the academic community. When the new director took over, he wanted to make the museum more of a community resource in regards to opening it up for more of the public to view outside the university. This caused numerous problems.In coming up with a proactive solution to the problems at hand, the university needs to come up with a mission and a et of clearly defined goals for the museum. Under the direction of the previous alumnus director the pendulum of how the museum was run in the past has swung to becoming open to the public and exhibits that are not actively in the university collections.

With a clearly defined direction, the university can be more comfortable having the museum in more of an academic light.Neither the university nor the museum was ready or even wanted the changes that went on. Also the objectives for the museums need to be further defined and worked out so that the art history staff and the assume can profit from the exhibits available. Given that the organization and the culture surrounding the museum was that of a more academic approach, they could clearly revert back to what they were under the direction of Miss Kirkwood. Had the university heeded and followed Miss Kirkwood resignation letter they could have avoided the problems they got themselves into.She wrote, “And it (the museum) needs careful thinking regarding its direction, its basis of support, and its future relationship with the university. ” The feasible answer would be that once the university chooses an identity for the museum rather it be used for strictly academic studies, or a new mixture of academic studies and some public viewings from an interested public.

Personally, I would organize the museum and try to focus on the culture that the museum has. Old try and mend the relations with the art history faculty and bring in exhibits that would peek the knowledge and studies of the professional staff and outsiders alike. For example, if a professor is doing some research on a specific time in history like the Romans or the Cars of Russia, I would try to bring in an exhibit that would id in his studies and allow that professor to be able to be the spokesperson for that exhibit to the students as well as any publics that might be interested in showing interest in it.Groups and school children visiting can be limited and the activities of the children could be monitored to bring about more of a professional attitude. Children can be taught how to respect belongings and their surroundings. In implementing this solution, the faculty senate once they have defined the mission, official goals, objectives and future direction that they want the museum to go in. They could start implementing these changes by first clearly defining the museum director’s job tasks.

The objectives for the director should be clearly defined to making sure that he or she is cataloging the exhibits properly and that the artifacts in the museum are being kept up and not being distorted. The faculty senate needs to select a team of faculty members to be the basic management team for the museum or a board of directors can be chosen to serve the museum in this capacity. This board could work with the director of the museum who would have an active sit on this board.

Bill Carlson

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