Use of economic and financial information.

Explain what a balance sheet is, and how it’s different from the income statement, the statement of the changes I owner’s equity, and the statement of cash flows.

What is a return on equity? How is it calculated? And why is it significant?

List four examples of timing differences, and explain why they’re significant.

Determine which classification of accounting is most concerned with the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many of the activities of the entity.

How the return on investment measure of performance calculated?

Is financial accounting historical scorekeeping or is it future oriented?

What does the bookkeeping/accounting process begin with?

Explain the significance of the allowance for Bad debts account.

In Financial accounting, what is one application of the matching concept?

Explain what a callable bond is?

What is the slate voting?

Who are the ultimate owners of a corporation?

What is the term used to describe the revenues of the firms that sell purchased or manufactured products?

An 80- year old woman is having trouble walking without falling down. Explain how disorders of many organs may contribute to her problem.

Describe in detail the pathway for a signal traveling from one neuron to another. Start from the dendrites of one neuron to the dendrites of an adjacent neuron. What aspect of the neuron helps speed up signal transmission?

After you donate blood, what cellular process is responsible for regenerating a fresh supply of blood cells in your body? Where does this process occur?

Which specialized cells in the eye are responsible for sensing dim light, bright light, and color vision?
A 60- year old woman reports pain her knees that started during a rigorous hiking trip. She had no pain before the hiking trip. Her knees and distal thigh are swollen and tender. She can no longer walk on that leg. Which conditions of the muscular and skeletal systems might this woman have?

Identify the portions of the integumentary system that do and don’t have nerves.

A 25 -year old man spends much of his time outdoors without using any type of protection from the sun. Which two conditions should this man be concerned about? How can these conditions be prevented?

When you spot an angry bear in the woods, you want to escape quickly. Which part of the nervous system and which gland of the endocrine system are suddenly called into action?

Which organs and structures are involved in maintaining appropriate levels of calcium in the blood? Name the specialized type of system that controls this activity.
Outline the molecular structure of a protein.
A 17- year- old male is only 4 feet tall. He hasn’t grown in 3 years. Which gland is likely malfunctioning? What’s the status of the growth zones in the long bones of this young man?
What two diseases are classified as begin neuromuscular diseases? What are the characteristics of these diseases?

Brain is 30- year – old man who is concerned about the risk of having a heart attack. His father died of a heart attack at 35. What symptoms of a heart attack should you teach brain?

Explain Lactose intolerance and what needs to be done to treat this disorder.

Caused List two sexually transmitted diseases caused by viruses and two caused by bacteria.

An 80 – year- old male patient has a poor appetite. What could be the cause of this patient’s appetite loss?

A healthy 39- year- old woman has signs of an ear infection. The Doctor confirms the diagnosis by looking into her ear with an otoscope. But the doctor also checks the inside of her mouth and throat. Why?

How many chromosomes do gametes have? How does this compare to body cells? Why is there a difference in the number of chromosomes between these types of cells?

What is the difference between glomerulonephritis and glomerulosclerosis?

A 26- year- old man has a discharge from his penis as well as painful urination. Which two diseases are the most likely causes if his symptoms’?

A 50 – year female is diagnosed with malnutrition. What gastrointestinal manifestations will the patient demonstrate?
Discuss the major difference between the content of arterial versus blood.

Explain why the male testes are analogous to the female ovaries.

Explain the activity pyramid.

Health Care Management

Part A: Answer each of the following questions in one or two paragraph. Each answer is worth 20 points.

How can a manager effectively handle a grievance?
What is the grapevine and how can it be valuable to the employee? How can it be valuable to the supervisor?
Describe the process that a supervisor should use to select and train a backup.

Part: B Answer each of the following questions in one to four sentences. Each answer is worth 4 points.

What is the most common reason why verbal communication can be tricky?
Why shouldn’t a manger discipline an employee in public? What should he or she do instead?
What is the doctrine of charitable immunity how have the laws concerning compensation and charitable immunity changed?
What is the difference between long- range planning and strategic planning
What determines the magnitude of span of supervisor for manager?
What are policies, and why are they important for the both manager and the healthcare organization?
Is a supervisor liable for his or her employees’ actions under respondents superior? Why or why not?
Compare and contrast line authority and functional authority.
What are the major purposes of the performance appraisal process?
How is writing reports different from writing letters?

What is the definition of a health plan under HIPAA? Identify five types of health plans that are covered entireties under the HIPAA rules.

In General under the HIPAA standards, a dependent child’s protected health information can be released to a parent. However, some federal and state laws prohibit the release of a minor’s PHI to parents under certain circumstances. Give three examples of situations in which a minor’s PHI may not be released to parents.

What are treatments, payment, and health care operations (TPO) under the HIPAA privacy standards, do providers need specific permission or authorization from patients to release PHI for TPO purposes?

What is an amendment to a medical record? Under what circumstances can a CE deny a patient’s request for an amendment?
Smithville Hospital uses an outside transcription company to transcribe all of its physician dictations. Explain what type of contract the hospital needs to have in place with the transcription company under HIPAA rules, and why this contract is important.

What a National Provide Identifier (NPI) is as defined by HIPAA what the purpose if an NPI is, and who must have one?

What is an encounter in health care? List five items of the minimum information that be used to document an encounter with a physician.

What are the provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Ruler’s minimum necessary standard?

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