Using the textbook, and providing page numbers to the mathem

Using the textbook, and providing page numbers to the mathematical and representational forms you ch… Show more Using the textbook, and providing page numbers to the mathematical and representational forms you choose, develop a set of equations for each version of the bacteria that are described in the visual abstract below. Employing bacterial HYPERLINK “”microcompartment HYPERLINK “” technology to engineer a shell-free enzyme-aggregate for e HYPERLINK “”nhanced 1,2-propanediol production in Escherichia coli Original Research Article Metabolic Engineering, Available online 8 March 2016, Pages Matthew J. Lee, Ian R. Brown, Rokas Juodeikis, Stefanie Frank, Martin J. Warren Graphical abstract fx1 The article has an “open access” status, which allows inspection of details (expected to require further education to follow) for the curious. FOR THE QUIZ Assume that the process can be accomplished with three enzyme-reactions (e.g., assume that the process will function well without the green enzyme). This choice should simplify your efforts. • First develop the model with the soluble distribution of enzyme-reaction centers throughout the bacterium. • Develop a compartmental model to complement the model shown on the left-hand side. Take care to note pages of the textbook that show formats for your description. Assume that typical enzyme chemistry and transport across the bacterial walls will suffice for each stage. • Develop the algorithms and equations you will need to simulate the bacterial production of 1,2-PD. • Develop a Simulink model for the system, noting where constants and parameters need to be provided for actual computations to describe the system. • Then, develop a model for the bacteria with aggregated enzyme complex and staging of the complexes in a “bacterial microcompartment.” Your approach should be similar to that used in part A. Note when it differs and why. Again, find sources in the textbook for the equation formats and methods of simplification and solution. Variables and parameters that appear in your equations should be provided in separate typed lists with the variable or parameter on the LHS, a tab character to reach a bullet-like description of the quantity. This style is shown in Slide 27 in the set “Lectures 7-8 …” that were provided by Professor DeStefano. A hand-written set of equations is ok; using Microsoft’s Equation Editor provides a better record of your ideas and gives you a career-empowering skill. • Show less

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