Week 4 Healthy eating program for obese persons will be critical in encouraging positive behavioral change

Week 4
Healthy eating program for obese persons will be critical in encouraging positive behavioral change. The program will seek to influence behavioral change among obese persons who have been involved in unhealthy eating lifestyle. The number of obese persons in the U.S has been increasing significantly over time due to the exposure to unhealthy eating. The population of obese people includes both children and adults. The goals of the healthy eating program are to reduce the number of obese prevalence in the society by 50% as well as encouraging healthy eating in the society in the next 2 years. These goals will be achieved through stimulating behavioral change among persons diagnosed with obesity in the society.
There are three factors that might be considered while communicating the healthy eating program to potential clients includes the channels, completeness, and medium. The communication channels used to deliver the message should be effective to assist in the effectiveness of delivering the company’s messages and communication (Liu & Fraustino 2014). The efficiency of the communication channels will be critical in enhancing the potential to communicate effectively to the clients. Completeness of the message to be communicated to the clients is also critical in allowing for proper presentation of information. Complete communication messages are relevant. The medium of communication is critical and the program should use the right medium to pass the messages to the clients (McQuail & Windahl, 2015). For example, written medium including emails would be effective for passing short messages. These three factors should be considered while seeking to communicate effectively to the potential clients.
According to the mechanistic communication theory perspective, communication is an effective transaction of communication message from sender to receiver (Stacks, & Salwen, 2014). Under the program, the program managers should use an effective communication medium to allow for the effective passing of message from the sender to the receiver. The right medium will make it possible for the clients to learn about healthy eating diets and habits

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