Why you should consider our Custom Writing Services

Why you should consider our Custom Writing Services:


We take great interest in client’s academic background by doing a “SWOT” analysis on each specific case. As a result, this provides our expert tutors with comprehensive knowledge on each student. With the individual data, we are able to analyze the cases and mentor the students as process.  The end result is more customized service deliver through a smooth process and as implied in our client testimonials 98.7% of our customers have reported positive improvement in their overall grades. Our main target is not just assisting the students in their immediate studies but ensuring the tutoring and writing services mould them to apply the concepts in their future engagements.

Discount services and credit services

Sometimes our clients’ request custom writing services when they are short of funds. In line with our mission statement we offer as much sustainable discount as possible to all our customers depending on the level of studies. Our prices are thus student friends as a result of the discount coupons offered all year round. Also, we offer credit service to our long serving clients with payments being made at the end of the months when they get their funds.

Extracurricular activities

We understand the need for students to venture into extracurricular activities. Coincidentally, a huge percentage of students are in their current colleges through extracurricular activities scholarships. Our online academic assistance and custom writing service provides these students with an ample time to concentrate in these activities which in most cases eventuate in professional venture.

Coursework Deadlines Reminder

We take several classes for our clients. In line with that we make sure we keep updating them when deadlines are due for their assignments and projects.  After, writing the papers we make sure we go through them with them to remove all errors before deadlines.

Privacy and safety

We have high level software and systems to protect our clients when they make orders with us. It protects their private details security and prevents any form of online cyber attack.

Original content

We deliver high quality original content that is free of plagiarism. To eradicate doubt, our editors user preinstalled plagiarism and error checker software to ensure the final work sent to the clients is high quality and error-free

Proofreading, Editing and Revision Services

We provide unlimited revision, editing and proofreading services to our customers work to ensure the final output is in accordance to the customers original custom writing request.



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