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Some of the most common topics under nursing and healthcare field include: Individual Project -Compare/Contrast health Care Delivery, Essay on Health and Fitness, nursing CARE PLAN,  Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Reform, Pregnant Women and Malaria, Healthcare Compliance  and Religious Health Care among others.

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Related fields of Nursing We specialize in:

Health care:

Its entails improvement and maintenance of the health service delivery. Arguably, the activities involved are pre-disease or illness and actual diagnosis and treatment period that is followed by nursing. It entails primary, secondary, tertiary as well as public health care works.

Nursing administration:

Nursing administration is a pervasive topic that encompasses professionals in the nursing field. The practice involves the management of the nursing activity by focusing on leadership, financial management and human resource management.  Basically, the nursing administrators work behind the scene unlike normal nurses who focus directly on the patient’s bedside roles. These administrators execute the operational and strategic management roles.

Nursing Administration

This is a broad term which refers to the nurses who are trained in administrative work far from the normal training that happens in a medicine school. The complex and multifaceted health care has gone beyond the traditional believe and notion that was pegged on it. Sometime back, it was believed that a nurse could only handle patients. With time, this myth is being faced away slowly. This is because the healthcare system is changing with time. There is dire need to manage patients and any other activity within the healthcare facilities. Furthermore, proper inter -departmental organization can only be achieved if the nurses have good leadership, hence guaranteeing optimal care.

Nursing administrators are entrusted with the role of championing other nurses in achievement of organization’s vision. They apply both analytical and critical skills to address sophisticated issues which could result to poor services. Moreover, they are often responsible for the financial management, workforce control, in addition to their primary responsibility of ensuring proper health care delivery. It is clear that nurses who are knowledgeable in this field add more to the healthcare facility because they can handle many tasks. They have leadership and nursing skills which are collaboratively used to improve services.

Withal, an individual trained in the field of nursing administration might assume any certain title within the healthcare facility. One could be nursing manager, in charge of all other junior nurses within the institution. Moreover, other institutions use the titles such as nursing supervisor, administrator or chief nursing officer. Whichever the name given, the central role is to oversee all nursing activities within the healthcare providing facility. They are pace setters in streamlining every action of the medical practitioner by employing their myriad experience in both care and management. Qualifications for accreditation as a nurse administrator are given by relevant nursing body.


Medicine is a practice under science that focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses or diseases. It also refers to the substance that is used in treating illnesses by using curative substances or drugs. In addition, its branched into surgery and obstetrics. It is defined as science of healing, diagnosis and also methods of promoting good health. Other commentators define it as a medication used to treat a certain disease. All the definitions converge at one common point of restoring good health to the suffering patients. Medicine has been in existence for quite long. It had philosophical and religious beliefs coupled together. Initially, the herb doctors could give you the medicine and proceed to pray for you. It was thought to be an art, but has evolved to a science. In the recent centuries, the field of medicine is viewed as an art and science. Although stitching could be a skill learnt over a period of time, the knowledge behind it comes from theoretical principles leaned in class.

Medical availability varies with the geographical location. For example, western countries have access to modern medicine as opposed to developing nations. Third world nations have little growth in technological development which impedes embracing current technology in medication. They rely on traditional medicines with limited efficacy. Moreover, traditional medicine lacks properly trained practitioners which expose the user to more dangers.

There exist various branches of medicine. Most physicians are trained in basic science. This level sets the basis of understanding important concepts covered in this field. Likewise, we have medical specialties. According to the subdivision, the individuals train to become experts in a certain field of medicine. Finally, we have interdisciplinary field where different specialties consolidate to perform various functions. All the three categories have subcategories. With changes in ways of diagnosing and treating diseases, it is expected that this field will tremendously change to conform to new inventions. Technology is significantly improving the way the field of medicine is applied in the hospital scenario. More accurate imaging instruments have been identified, filling the gap of inconsistency in medication.


It is a specialty in medicine that focuses on health care of the elderly people. In details, it works in treating and preventing the disabilities and diseases in the aged adults through promoting health. The Geriatrician specializes in diseases, illnesses and medications of the adult populations. Normally, their health problems differ and are more rampant and complex than the young people complications.

This is specialty that focuses on the health of old people.  Elderly people requires certain level of health care which is a bit sophisticated compared to others. In other words, handling aged patients is likened to the care given to young kids. This is because their body functioning is a bit limited due to the inability to fight minute infections. Geriatrician are specialist who have trained in dealing with older people. They work in collaboration with the infirm to mitigate the chances of their infections. There is a general confusion when someone mentions geriatrics and gerontology. The two are totally different in their meaning. Gerontology is the study of aging people, seeking to understand their behavior and perception of issues. On the other hand, geriatrics is the medicine specialty specifically tailored for the older citizens in the society.

Geriatrics is different from the adult medicine. This is because of unique requirements of the aged people. It should be understood that human body is physiologically different as one advances in age. Young people requires different type of healthcare compared to adults and old people. There is a decline of organ system functioning as one progress in life. With that said, it is therefore justifiable that old people have a constellation of diseases and infections which require a specialist to handle. A physician in internal medicine might fail to understand the actual problem of an aged patient, which can be solved easily by a specialist.

There are various categories of geriatrics. The specialists are named according to their area of specialization. For example, cardio geriatric focus on cardiac diseases. Additionally geriatric dentistry deals with all dental disorder for the elderly. We have also geriatric nephrology, who capitalize on the kidney problems. There are other specialization which offer complete reprieve to the aged.


When the body is unable to process the food for use as energy, the person stands at the risk of contracting diabetes. Most of what we eat is converted to glucose or sugars. However, low or high levels of blood sugars predisposes a person to this form of disease. Notably, the body has its own mechanism to regulate the sugar levels in the blood. Pancreas, an organ that if found in our body system produces insulin which controls the glucose levels getting into the cells.

Diabetes normally affects the cardiovascular system and kidneys which actually play a major role in the blood glucose regulation. Profound signs include feeling hungry and thirsty, urinating more often, uncommon loss of weight, wounds taking too long to heal, dehydration of the skin, frequent infections of gum and gall bladder among others. All these constitute the major symptoms of all the types of diabetes. In severe stages, patients can have signs of resistance to insulin; mainly darkening of skin, hypertension and cholesterol problems. There are two types of diabetes. These are diabetes type 1 and 2. In type 1, the body is unable to make its own insulin. Lack of insulin makes blood sugar level to increase. On the other hand, type 2 is experienced when there is low levels of insulin

There is another form of diabetes called Gestational Diabetes. This one occurs during pregnancy or gestation period. From the research, it is believed that placental hormones produced during pregnancy have the effect of making insulin less effective for pregnant women. In light of all the above descriptions of diabetes, it is worth to sum it up all by stating that diabetes can be controlled by eating a healthy,balanced diet thereby reducing high intakes of glucose especially sucrose. Regular exercise can also save a lot.

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