Psychology and Education

Overview of psychology.

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. It’s a science because psychologists conduct research in accord with the scientific method – a systematic process used to test ideas about behavior. Psychologists analyze the behavior of humans as well as other species. Psychology is probably one of the few disciplines in which students come to the first class believing they already know much about the topic.


Psychology is literally the study of the mind, and people defined it that way until the early 1900s. Around 1920, psychologists became disenchanted with the idea of studying the mind. First, research deals with what we observe, and mind is unobservable. Second, talking about “the mind” implies it is a thing or object. Mental activity is a process. It is not like the river but like the flow of the river; not like the automobile but like the movement of the automobile. Beginning in the early 1900s, psychologists defined their field as the study of behavior.

Early Psychology

When did Psychology become a separate field of study? Traditionally, psychology’s birth is linked with the first psychology laboratory, which was established by Wilhelm Wundt in 1879 at the University of Leipzig, in Germany. As you will see, some of the people who brought this subject into the scientific arena were trained as physicians; others were more philosophical in nature. Communication was much slower in those days, and psychology developed in different ways in different countries. However, these differences made the subject broad and complex, with many avenues of exploration.

Different schools of thought

There are a number of schools of thought in psychology which are quite different from each other. They influence the ways in which academic psychologists work and the ways in which this science is applied in practice. These schools of thought reflect the separated traditions from which this subject has evolved:

Developmental psychology study of changes to the way individuals interpret and respond to the world around them as they mature throughout their lifespan. Cognitive psychology is the study of cognition including memory, perception and information processing. Behavioral psychology is the study of learning by observing the direct effects of external contexts and events on behavior and behavior change. Social psychology studies how social settings and social interactions influence the behavior of individuals, either alone or in groups. Psychodynamic psychology aims to explain how past experiences exert unconscious influence over an individual’s current thoughts and emotions. Humanistic and narrative psychology involves the subjective study of individual human experience. Humanistic and narrative approaches involve listening in a non-judgmental way to individual accounts.


Human thoughts and behavior has been different and keeps evolving with time. All of this helps students and researchers to analyze and approach and solve various problems and they can get away to explain about human behavior. To think like a psychologist, you ought to be skeptical about explanations of behavior, rather than accepting of them. This branch of science is not simply giving advice, not just “common sense”, and not limited to studying mental illness. This subject is very vast.

Psychology and Education

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